Meeting with Mrs. Jyotsna D. Mehta, our Corporator.

Meeting with our Corporator.

Members of N.S.R.C.F. had a Two hour long meeting with our M.C.G.M. Corporator Jyotsna Mehta .

Issues such as Farmers Market, the future of P.D.P. , Equal Streets and beautification of Nepean Sea road were discussed during the meeting. Mrs Mehta also arranged for various Assistant Engineers of the Ward office to be present during the meeting so issues could be discussed with their direct input. Mrs Mehta heard NSRCF on the issue of the illegally parked trucks at Nepean Sea Road & offered her assistance in getting the entire Road designated as ‘No Parking for Heavy Vehicles’.

Mrs Jyotsna Mehta has as always, assured us of her proactive support in all civic issues for the betterment of Nepean Sea Road.



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