Taking the fight to the Big Boys

Few will realize that the plot next to PDP, being used by the Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation for its temporary offices, could have been lost to a 4-storeyed office block!

One day, the Governing Council was surprised to see pilings being set deep into the earth for a permanent and large structure for the MSRDC’s offices in South Mumbai.

This was a clear breach of the Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) Rules, apart from a violation of multiple other rules, regulations and laws. The Governing Council took on what seemed a losing battle, but pro-bono support came from a band of lawyers who took up the case. And the Bombay High Court gave its patient ear to the plaint of a small NGO from a corner of the city of Mumbai. The case was won. MSRDC was asked to vacate and restore the land to its earlier state.

MORE: See Public Eye Issue No. 17

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