Governing Council

The Managing Committee of the Forum is referred to as the Governing Council. The term of the present Governing Council is for 2017-20. The members of the Governing Council are:
Chairperson: Mrs. Gita Mirchandani
Hon. Secretary: Mr. Mukul Mehra
Jt. Hon. Secretary: Mr. Aazaz Khan
Hon. Treasurer: Mr. Vinay Punjabi
Council Members: Mrs Gita Mirchandani

Mrs. Vandana Saraf

Mr. Rahul Kadri

Mr. Vinay Punjabi

Mr. Minoo Wadia 

Ms. Nazia Vasi (Editor Public Eye)

Mr. Mukul Mehra

Mr. Aazaz Khan

Ms. Navaz Dhalla

The Governing Council generally meets on the first Monday evening of each month. Meetings of the Governing Council are open to residents of Nepean Sea Road and members of the Forum by prior invitation. Members wishing to attend a meeting of the Governing Council are requested to write a week in advance on the issue(s) they want to discuss. This is so that the Governing Council is better prepared to discuss the matter. If you would like to attend the next meeting of the Governing Council, email us at OR with details of the issue(s) and we will respond with the venue and timing of the next meeting.

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