Saving PDP

The fight against a heliport.One of the biggest campaigns undertaken by the Governing Council was the mobilization of over 1000 signatures to a petition addressed to the Chief Minister to ensure that this one open space for NSRoad citizens – and the many from other neighbouring areas who visit frequently.

The petition was submitted. And the last that we have heard is that a heliport proposal been abandoned. At least for the time being.

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Will the Sea Link destroy PDP?

Three alternatives are being considered by the government, the BMC and the Traffic Police. for vehicular traffic from Haji Ali to SoBo..

One, the fly-over at Pedder Road. This would be a short-term solution with serious, long-term consequences for Pedder Road residents.

Two, the extension of the sea-link from Haji Ali to PDP and then a tunnel through the Hill to Chowpatty.. This the Forum has said No to.

Three, a tunnel from Worli to Chowpatty. This plan, prepared after extensive study by experts,  is not only the quickest to execute – it would cause little or no restrictions on traffic movement during the execution, no nuisance to pedder Road residents, allow work all 3 shifts and will provide the traffic solution over the next 100 years!.

The Forum has officially supported the third proposal.

Accordingly, the Governing Council is asking for support from our elected representatives — MP Milind Deora and MLA Mangal Prabhat Lodha, and both are supporting the Forum’s stand.

MORE: See Public Eye Issue No. 14 & 15

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