The Supreme Court has declared Nepean Sea Road a non-hawking zone.The struggle to regain footpaths and open spaces and more from encroachments by hawkers was taken up on behalf of the citizens of Mumbai by CitiSpace all the way to the Supreme Court. Hawking Zones have been stipulated by the highest court of the land and placed the responsibility to remove hawkers in other areas on the BMC – with some support from the Police.

Working closely with BMC, the Governing Council has succeeded in reducing drastically the number of hawkers in our area from nearly 400 in 2001 to about 45 .

For real success, we residents need to stop buying from hawkers. With no business, they will move away. There are enough shops on and near NSRoad for residents to get their fruits and vegetables. And pedestrians will get back cleaner, uncluttered footpaths.

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  1. good cause but is it effective. outside miramar building road going towards malabar hill i cannot even walk on footpath because of encroachments of hawkers and shops mushrooming everyday with filth and smell. try and walk on footpath before yes bank and axis bank and you will find footpoath offocupied by flower guy,fast foods stalls,new chapal shop,scrap merchant buying and selling papers,hundreds of empty and full water bottled on footpath,dirty sand on the main road lying for three years etc.etc. i am senior citizen how can i walk on these kind of footpath.

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