Seminars Conducted

The Governing Council and “Public Eye” (newsletter of the Forum) have strongly believed that informed citizens make better citizens.

To this end, the Governing Council arranged a number of events and activities over the years.

Rain water harvesting :

A presentation was made by the Eureka Forbes Environment Group on saving water – how to reduce consumption, how to recycle and how to harvest the bountiful monsoon water. With cost-benefit calculations to help residents decide.

Regrettably, To this day, no building has made any headway.

MORE: See Public Eye Issue No. 14 & 15


Harnessing Solar Power : 

The presentation made by Tata-BP was thorough and detailed and supported by cost-benefit and payback workings to guide decision making by buildings.

Regrettably, no building has shown initiative.

MORE: See Public Eye Issue No. 14 & 15


“Batti Bandh!”

This was the brainchild of a group of four young men. Can citizens all together help save some power in a power starved State?. The Governing Council undertook a major campaign to recruit and motivate the buildings numbering about 100 on NSRoad to have “Batti Bandh” for the hour specified on a specified date.

This is now an annual event in the city and the Governing Council will remind and urge all residents to participate.

MORE: See Public Eye Issue No. 14 & 15

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